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Full Version: Instructions for new members
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Instructions for new members - doctor1

Members are expected to vote for the correct answer before they open the attached file which contains the correct answer. MCQs usually have single correct answer, while EMQs may have none, some or all correct answes. You may then rate the question 1-5 stars according to its difficulty. And you may rate the member who posted the thread (reputation icon). Finally you may post your opinion and share with other members in the discussion and analysis of the question.
New members may post reply but may not start new thread. Please post something relevant or at least thanks but never post non meaningful words or letters because this may cause suspension of your membership. After 20 relevant and meaningful postings they may be upgraded to super members who may start new threads. This is our response to the untolerated spammers.
The poll feature is activated and preferred to be used when posting new threads and questions. Both (4-5 choices), (single and multiple correct answer) formats may be used and have to be PRESET from the poll options before each posting. We also prefer to post the red S icon before the question to indicate a single correct answer and to post the blue M icon if it is more than one correct answer. If you know the correct answer please attach a notepad simple .txt file with the answer. New members who find it difficult to do so may email us with their questions and we will take care of it .
We are looking forward for your contributions.

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