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Forum rules - doctor1

Forum rules:
The members of this forum are highly educated and responsible and no trouble is expected at all from their side. However, for outsiders and intruders who try to make trouble to our forum and members the following rules apply:
1- As it is impossible for the staff of the forum to moderate every single posted topic; all members are considered legally responsible totally for the content of their own posts and the forum staff can’t be held responsible in any way and for any reason in this regard.
2- Flaming of any kind is totally prohibited and can’t be tolerated at this forum. A flame is an insult or slur directed at another member, and/or any comment that is intended to degrade another member in any possible way. It is important that we maintain a welcoming, friendly and wholesome environment on this forum.
3- Pornography is strictly prohibited in all possible ways in this forum. This includes but is not limited to links to pornography, referencing pornography and pornographic images. Members signatures and avatars must be appropriate and child safe.
4- Spamming is also strictly prohibited. Advertisement, pointless Posting, off-topic post, one word posts, and duplicate posts are considered spamming.
5- Disciplinary Actions: Below are the disciplinary action used when a member is found to be breaking one of the above rules:
• 1: Caution - An informal warning that does not increase a members warning level. Usually given to first-time offenders, new members, or members that are not known to have any major infractions against the rules. A caution is usually accompanied by a Private Message that details the specific infraction.
• 2: Warning - A formal warning that is logged by a moderator. Usually given to those that have refused to acknowledge a previous caution, or those that have committed an offense worthy of more than a caution. After a users warning level reaches 100%, each warning thereafter should be accompanied with a ban. The minimum accompanied bans for each warning following a 100% warning level are as described below:
First Warning - 3-day ban
Second Warning - 1-week ban
Third Warning - 1-month ban
Fourth Warning - 3-month ban
Fifth Warning - 6-month ban
Sixth Warning - 1-year ban
Seventh Warning - Permanent ban.
• Temporary Ban - Temporarily removes a user's access to the forum for a specified amount of time.
• Account (Permanent) Ban - Permanently removes a user's access to the forum.
Please don't post or reply with repeated meaningless letters, just post your best answer or thanks, otherwise you may be suspended.
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